About us

About us

MFP is a privately owned company based in Sydney. Company director, Leslie Li is an experienced fire inspector and member of the Fire Protection Association of Australia. The MFP team have years of experience in the industry, and strive to take The level of service and professionalism in the industry to new heights.

Fire Damper and Installation
Max Fire Protection Pty Ltd provides the fire damper with various models with installation as well. We are adept at fire damper installing for ventilation, conducting and conditioning air ways. Our service is able to meet the requirement by our costumer and the Australian Standard.

Annual and Passive Fire Inspection
Max Fire Protection Pty Ltd offers the annual fire inspection and passive fire inspection in every aspect for buildings in any type and period relating to the fire proofing system. We are also providing professional evaluation and report with rational suggestions for our clients along with the inspection.

Fire Safety Product
Max Fire Protection Pty Ltd is glad to supply our customers the best qualified fire safety products, which include different parts of reputable widely used brands. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Fire Penetration Sealing
Max Fire Protection Pty Ltd is professional on the service of fire proof sealing selling and installation for electrical, mechanical, structural and building service by cutting the thermal conduction and smoke transmission. Our service is able to meet the requirement by our costumer and the Australian Standard.

Passive fire Specialist

MFP has more than 10 years industry experience in passive fire protection across commercial, residential, government and industry projects.
A team with great knowledge in building material, construction, fire rated material and installation methodology.
Inspected more than 100 projects in the last financial year (2017 to 2018)
Completed 60 project in the last financial year (2017 to 2018)
Provided 60 reports and solutions in the last financial year (2017 to 2018)
Provided technical supports and consultancy to different Property owners, contractors and subcontractors since 2009.

Quality Service
Well trained and qualified workers
Work with a realist and reliable working program
Quick response and timed delivery
Good communication with clients and associated subcontractors

All passive fire protection services: fire damper, fire rated board, fire and smoke seal, fire doors and fire rated door frame, statutory signage, line marking, fire separation, fire stops, fire spray, fire rated collar, fire pillow, fire rated access panel, fire rated facade wall, fire rated cladding, Annual Fire Safety Inspection, passive fire installation certification and defect inspection.


Licensed operators
Licensed and qualified workers
Licensed supervisor and inspector
Regular serviced tools and machines
All products installed to manufacture specs
All installed products comply with BCA and AS/NZS specs
All installation procedures comply with BCA and AS/NZS specs
All installed products from nominated and accredited suppliers
All works to follow safe work method and to be inspected before handover.

Smart solutions
Communicate with authority and client at the early stage
Always review entire fire protection system in a building to develop SMART solution
Provide alternative solutions
Provide practical solution that respects architectural design intent, services function, long term maintenance, and common sense
Cost effective solution and reliable product and installation methodology
Good use of space and work in place with limited / restricted access
Remedial combustible cladding and facade walls

Workplace health and safety
Conduct site inspection and risk assessment
Safely use of material and use of machine and tool
Provide material safety data sheet
SWMS, public liability and workers compensation
No accident and no incident recorded since
A First aider and a first aid kit to each team

MFP Group
Contact: Leslie Li
Phone: 0425 088 877
ABN: 21 625 060 228
Address: 18 Lyle Ave, Hurstville NSW 2220




Contact: Leslie Li

Phone: 0425 088 877

Tel: 0425 088 877

Email: [email protected]

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